Conservation International

  • ROLES: Involved in planning, designed: graphics, templates, sections, maps, forms, and galleries
  • TYPEFACES: Proxima Nova

This is Conservation International’s redesign for their main website, It was a massive project that took well over a year to complete. The design was done by the outstanding Viget and the development was handled by Portal Solutions, and the talented and tireless CI developers. The project involved everyone in the Marketing, Communications, and Web teams along with many other people throughout the organization who all did incredible work.

My Role

As the sole web designer for CI, I was involved in all of the numerous IA, UI/UX, and design meetings with Viget, as well as the development meetings with Portal Solutions. It was my job to provide input and direction to help ensure that everything stayed on brand and met our standards and requirements.

When Viget delivered the final design to us there was still a lot that needed to be created. There were only a handful of templates included so I was tasked with designing everything else. This included the rest of the templates, full sections, individual pages, graphics, UI modifications, module designs, form designs, and anything else that needed to be added or modified. The site design uses a module based system built on top of Sharepoint 2013. Everything that I designed had to work with the module system and was based on the UI library Viget provided. If something was needed outside of the library I had to create it.

There are many more examples, if you’d like to know more please don’t hesitate to contact me.