Human Nature CI Blog

  • ROLES: Planning, wireframing, designed: logo, blog design, map filtering, directory filtering, graphics. Worked with devs to implement
  • TYPEFACES: Proxima Nova, Open Sans

The Human Nature blog is CI’s official public blog for scientific, environmental, organizational, and other related news.

My Role

The blog was one of my first major projects at CI. The basic design had already been started but I picked up where it was left and completely revised and finished the project. In addition to designing the overall style, I also designed a couple of custom sections with special functionality to solve specific problems. One section is the Authors Search. We needed a fast and simple way to find someone because the blog has many authors and contributors from all over the world. This section utilizes a live search along with the ability to sort and browse alphabetically, making the search very intuitive and easy to use. Another section is Browse by Region. A result of having so many authors around the world is that there are also posts about many different regions around the world. This section utilizes a simple visual way to browse by region and quickly jump to a specific area's related posts.

The blog has since been changed a little here and there since my departure from CI.

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Blog Lockup Design

An clean and simple lockup for the Human Nature blog that elegantly conveys the notion that humans and nature are connected.

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Browse by Region

A visual way to browse for posts around the world, organized by region. View Here

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Author Live Search

Search dynamically through the extensive list of authors. Results are displayed and updated while typing. View Here