• ROLES: Planning, sketching, wireframing, designed: logo, site design, graphics, responsive layout. Worked with devs to implement
  • TYPEFACES: Open Sans, Open Sans Condensed

Intelligent Media Group (IMG) specializes as a multi-vertical product and service provider, integrator and designer. They advertise their's, and their client's, branded products within multiple channels on the internet through the use of programmatic media purchasing, affiliate marketing and traditional advertising methods.

My Role

Another subsidiary of Intelligent Holdings, Inc., Intelligent Media Group had been around for a little while but they were looking to give the company a new image. I was tasked with developing the new look and translating it to the new site and identity materials.

The requirements for this site were that it be simple, bold, showcased the sub-brands, and allowed for client login with account backend. First on the list was a new logo that fit with the specifications. Something I hope would be striking and forward looking.

After the logo design was settled we moved on to the site design which followed the same process as SmartADV, site diagram, rough sketches, wireframes, and then design phase. When the design was finalized, and all stakeholders were happy, I again worked closely with our supreme wizard of a developer to produce the site.